• £7.73

    White Wrapping Paper 10kg

    Use: Paper for packing and wrapping



    500mm x 750mm

  • £8.52

    White Wrapping Paper 10kg Large

    Paper for wrapping and packing.


    Large 750mm x 1000m

  • £9.66

    White Wrapping Paper 12KG

    Use: Paper for packing and wrapping


    12.5kg Paper.

    80 packs per pallet.

    500mm x 700mm

  • £3.98

    White Wrapping Paper 5KG

    Use: Paper for packing and wrapping

    500mm X 750mm

    5kg Paper




  • £9.97

    Acid Free Tissue

    Use: Wrapping items that require tarnish free protection


    Size: 500 x 750mm (20 X 30″)


    Low-cost acidfree tissue paper is an economic tissue paper ideal for packing, shipping and transportation purposes.


  • £20.58

    Waxed Kraft Paper

    Waxed kraft paper creates a superb barrier when used as a wrap for greasy or oily components such as vehicle engine parts.


    Dimensions: 900mm x 100m


    • Pure Kraft paper on a roll with a wax finish
    • For wrapping greasy or oily components
    • The wax covering provides a moisture resistant barrier, preventing seeping and absorption
    • Sold in 100m long rolls, 900mm in width